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Youth Group 
Come for the Faith, Stay for the Fun Our Youth Group resumes this October! We are so excited to welcome you back into our Church for faith formation, art, sports, music and special events.  The...
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Altar Servers - St. Stephen’s Society
Those who serve at the altar assist the priest and the sacred administration of his responsibilities during the sacrifice of the Mass. Typically, they are the cross bearer, those who carry the...
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Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts
Boy Scouts is now open to both boys and girls. This is a program for the formation of young people: mind and body formed in the virtues of patriotism, where they learn the skills of survival that...
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Divine Mercy Parish Choir
 If you would like to join the Divine Mercy Parish choir or know somebody that would like to join, please send an email to our Director of Music Justin Fields. No prior singing experience is...
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Divine Mercy Youth Choir
The Divine Mercy Youth Choir is open to children in grades 2 to 8. Many children in the choir participate in our Religious Education program, but any child can join! We meet to rehearse 30 minutes...
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Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Divine Mercy Parish has Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to assist in the distribution of Communion during Sunday Masses and every Sunday to the homebound. For more information please...
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Girl Scouts & Brownies
Girl Scouts & Brownies learn about service to others. Much more than selling cookies, they help the elderly, those who are disenfranchised or deprived in our community by raising money for toys...
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The lectors serve the parish community by assisting in the dignified, reverent, and clear proclamation of the Word of God. One lector is assigned for each Sunday Mass. Typically, a lector reads...