Father Tom’s Easter Greeting, April 12, 2020

An Easter Message from Fr. Tom

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This is an Easter Sunday we will never forget! It is strange and disorienting for us all. The social distancing and isolation which is so necessary to combat the Corona Virus has deprived us of something so essential and beautiful to the Christian faith—the Sacraments and the sharing of community. Let us never forget the lesson that this teaches us. Our hearts are breaking that we cannot be in the Churches with people we love so that we may be together and give praise, honor and glory to God. This is a time that tries our souls—but if we remain determined and rooted in our Christian faith—I believe we will emerge from this time stronger and—I hope—more deeply grateful for the Sacraments and communal experience of the Catholic Church. As I have said on many occasions— no one says ‘yes’ to Jesus and then ‘no’ to a community. Therefore, let us be in solidarity with our Church and our brothers and sisters throughout this great city, as we continue to fight this dreadful disease with common sense practices and rededicating ourselves to personal prayer and acts of penance for an end to this plague.
Easter Sunday is the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We celebrate the greatest event in human history. God revealed himself fully through his Son Jesus Christ, that he was born of woman, baptized by John in the Jordan, called men and women both to be his Apostles and disciples. He taught them. He proclaimed the arrival of God’s Kingdom. And, that they should hand on the Gospel they received.
I invite you to persevere in the practice of your faith—in the seed that God has planted within you, which brought you to read this message this day. Perhaps this tragic time reminds us of those times when we have remained far from Jesus—even outside the church for many complicated reasons. Perhaps because of laziness or indifference. Remember, the church is a bridge to our salvation. The Catholic Church serves as an essential bridge to something greater. Nothing else in this world, no institution, or ideology however attractive can take the place of the Church. Salvation comes to us only through Jesus Christ and to those who remain in his body which is the church. No other way is possible.
May the grace of this sacred time help us to stay rooted in and remain close to Jesus who is our light and the living water that renews our lives.

April 12, 2020